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Pilgrim Imports - Pink Small Crossbody Elephant Pouch Bag (Blue Oval Design)

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928-05 blue oval
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This small crossbody pouch is intended to be decorative as well as functional.  It has an ornately decorative elephant vignette and the small bells on pouch bottom give it a delightful introduction.  Size is 4" wide by 6" tall and has a 48" black attached cord strap and zip top.  A special little pouch for your very smallest essentials.

Fair Wages & Fair Trade, The Pilgrim Story:

Pilgrim Imports originated over 35 years ago in a village outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. There, craftspeople and their families gather for an annual celebration that has become known as Pilgrim Family Day. The day features food, friends, and fun. Spirits are high as sports jerseys and t-shirts for the Pilgrim-sponsored teams are distributed along with special gifts and announcements.

You would barely guess that three decades ago this was a chronically poor area; families accustomed to closeness were commonly forced to separate for survival as children went to work in Bangkok’s factories and tourist trades. Traditional village life deteriorated in the face of poverty.

No longer do the villagers consider sending their kids away to the big city. Now, over 400 neighbors in this rural land work together to produce the art pieces Pilgrim buyers and customers love. They are able to remain in their homeland and utilize traditional metalworking skills.

Besides generally improving quality of life for hundreds, the work Pilgrim offers set other improvements in motion. For instance, the village’s local grade school received a paved road, computers and clean drinking water. The Thai Department of Education cited this once destitute place of learning as a model for rural schooling.

The Thai villagers are glad for the opportunity to improve the lives of their children. These are people who cherish family, food, and friendship; they are welcoming and overflowing with unforgettable hospitality and kindness. Like us, they relish special occasions such as festivals, farmers markets, social gatherings, dinners, and sporting events.

More importantly, these Thai people are proud to preserve their village traditions and happy to be close to each other. They appreciate the work which sustains their way of life, and they are pleased to learn that others enjoy the projects they create. Look for the light of admirable people inside every Pilgrim product, and Pilgrim Imports will keep “working together for good” to bring it to you.