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About us

Thanks for your interest in Essence de la Belledame.  

Essence de la Belledame originally opened in 2007 as a beautiful boutique/gift shop co-located with Salon Belledame where hair care, massage, facials and waxing services are offered.  The name Belledame means "beautiful woman" in the French language and was an endearing nickname for a French-Canadian male family member who descended to the Pacific Northwest in the early 1900s.  

Presently Essence de la Belledame operates 100% on line where we continue to offer a unique collection of products that you find both intriguing and appealing at affordable prices.  

We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly to see the progress.

You can contact us at:
Essence de la Belledame or by phone at (509) 430-8954.

We are located at:
8220 W. Gage Blvd. #184